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Folk rock é um gênero musical que combina elementos do folk e rock. O termo surgiu nos Estados Unidos e Canadá em meados da década de 1960. O som era composto por harmonias vocais afinadas e uma abordagem limpa para a utilização de instrumentos elétricos como a guitarra elétrica.
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Crawling out, you need to protect me / I’m calling out, find me a stronger hand / I stand on the edge of silence / Better confess, it tastes like I’m leaving
Time to let it go / It won’t let go of me / Hanging by a thread / Cutting the cord and then falling back into the
An arrow is stuck between my ribs / And I pray to God, don’t let it end like this / I fought like a man with will to live / An arrow is stuck between my ribs
日が暮れて どこからかカレーの匂いがしてる / どれだけ歩いたら家にたどり着けるかな / 僕のお気に入りの肉屋のコロッケは / いつも通りの味が待っててくれるかな
It’s the sunlight through the curtains / Morning pushing back the night / It’s your faces in the kitchen / Little moons of borrowed light
She says “Wake up, it’s no use pretending” / I’ll keep still and breathe in her / Birds are leaving over autumn’s ending / One of us will die inside these arms