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While stars fill my eyes, when you’re by my side / And words weren’t intended for feelings like this, only a kiss. / So don’t ever feel; I’ll always be there… / And we’ll build our life, filled with moments of gold, and memories to hold
Always and forever each moment with youIs just like a dream to me that somehow came trueAnd I know tomorrow will still be the same’Cause we’ve got a life of love that won’t ever change and(Chorus)Everyday love me your own special wayMelt all my heart away with a smileTake time to tell me you really careAnd we’ll share tomorrow togetherI’ll always love youForever, foreverThere’ll always be sunshine when I look at youSomething I can’t explain just the things that you doAnd if you get lonely phone me and takeA second to give to me that magic you make andChorusForever, ForeverLoving you is the thing that I planFor a very long timeMe and you, you and me, we as one