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Down in north hollywood / There’s a guy with long hair / He’s really, really nice / But we had a problem
Glade told her ma, “Home scene’s lame” / “I gotten go head into town, blow some steam at the rock show” / Sneak through the back door and head for the pit / Then some drunk, stupid loser started giving her shit
I’ve got a word of thanks / Thanks that i’d like to say / For the rage that i feel / For the rage that i feel today
I met a skinhead named Scrap / He lived in my friend’s garage / Everyday he’s shaking that spray paint can / And comes out seeing stars
Ah mano, pior que eu gosto dela, tá ligado? / Ah não começa meu irmão / Mas vamos ver qual vai ser né? O que que vai dar / Então já é
What’s up with what’s going down / In every city, in every town / Cramping styles is the plan / They’ve got in the palm of their big hands
When I get mad and I get pissed / I grab my pen and I write out a list / Of all the people that won’t be missed / You’ve made my shitlist
Wargasm, wargasm one, two, three / Tie a yellow ribbon around the amputee / Masturbate watch it on TV / Crocodile tears for the refugee