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O movimento grunge surgiu no início dos anos 90, quando uma infinidade de bandas situadas no Estado de Washington, com foco em cidades como Seattle, Olympia e pequenas urbes do entorno, começaram a tocar um tipo de música com influências do punk rock, heavy metal, hardcore e rock psicodélico.
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Lady picture show, she hides behind the bedroom door / Lady picture show she hides behind the bedroom wall / She hides because she don’t know nothin’, don’t know nothin’ anymore / She keeps a funny face it’s locked and bagged it’s just outside the door
Well you could kiss my ass goodbye or you could sit and watch me cry / It don’t make no difference to me / ‘Cuz I call you slime I call you scum if this is your idea of fun / Are you fakin’ misery fakin’ pain and then you walk away from blame
Would you believe me when I tell you / You’re the queen of my heart / Please don’t deceive me when I hurt you / Just ain’t the way it seems
You can’t hide the lies / In the rings of a tree / If your heart still beats free / Keep it for yourself