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When you forget where you belong / I put on your favorite song to remind you / You’re my best friend, that’s who you are / You’re my best friend, that’s who you are
Turn the light on and you’re gonna see someone / Who’s gonna be somebody someday / Invisible lines, all the cynical minds / Think I don’t know what to think or to say
The car won’t start, it’s falling apart / I was late for work and the boss got smart / My panty line shows, got a run in my hose / My hair went flat, man, I hate that
I thought I might begin by filling you in / In case you didn’t already know / I’ll never forget / How you got up and left
I left my heart at a watering hole / Somewhere in small-town Ohio / Headed out west to Arizona / ‘Cause the East Coast weather’s too cold, cold, cold