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We used to taste that Chattanooga freight / Couple a kids in a Chevrolet / Catch a little air when we cross the tracks / Sipping on something from a paper stack
I’m a simple man, ain’t no other way to say it / Lay my cards on the table, only way I play it / I got some draw in my yaw, they can’t imitate it / Tough and rowdy reckless
On my Fridays when it’s whiskey, I go back to Cincy / That Ohio night you tricked me into buyin’ all your shots / Got your ghost up in my Chevy, shotgun lookin’ ready / For them parties where you’d let me spin you ‘round and show you off
Jack D, there’s a seven on the label / One glass on the living room table / Phone face down, church up loud / Was tryna drown you out tonight but
She’ll set the field on fire just cuttin’ across a pasture / She’ll have you fallin’ for it all and then leave right after / And she got a cold heart but she got a warm smile / Cut from the same cloth, she kinda buck-wild