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Just a little chunk of hope / Keeps me going, keeps me going every day / (Keeps me going every day) / Just a little chunk of hope
When I try (there you are) / To look sly / When you push all my curtains to the side / To the side
Oh, circumcise my love for you / It’s far too vapid and aimless / I wanna be painless / Love soldier
I need a doctor! / (Oh) / I’m not a doctor but I think I might be able to help / It’s not a simple symptom!
See, the-the rain is nice but / Gee, I-I don’t really like getting wet / W-what in the world? / No, I-I went under the awning
Set the phasers to rot / What has got you distraught? / It’s negative attention at best / But call it nothing