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You look good in leather, in bars / Breaking things, breaking hearts / You look good in pleasure, in hotels / Loneliness is the key to break that spell
I know I never feel the same / I know I may never accept the change, but I want / Happiness / Staring blank at my screen
We were born into fool’s world / And we will die before we play the game / So many blows ripping apart our gentle souls / And l shudder, ‘cause I know what I don’t want to know
“Kinder und sterne küssen und verlieren sich / Greifen leise meine hand und führen mich / Die traumgötter brachten mich in eine landschaft / Schmetterlinge flatterten durch meine seele”
Look outside, the wilderness / The wilderness is calling our names / The blackest skies, the daunting stars / The desert sun, melting our cold hearts
You and me in a playhouse / Living in a veil / We never need to go without / Memories bring no joy or peace
The day is incomplete / The thoughts of total defeat / I don’t know what is happening to me / Or if I’ll die ‘cause I just never sleep