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By the way that you talk to me / I can see the lie you’re dreaming I’ll believe / By the way, don’t you forget who you are now / ‘Cause that’s not your name
I’ve spent so much time / Throwing rocks at your window / That I never even knocked on the front door / I walk by statues never even made one chip
I don’t know your heart / I don’t know where to begin / But I could feel you erasing / The rivers I drawn in
Stand in the front, but shut up till I tell you to go / And don’t get caught up in pretend ‘cause you’re not in control / ‘Cause this is my world, little girl, you’d be lost on your own / Just hating and waiting and saving up
I took their smiles and I made their mine / I sold my soul just to hide the light / And now I see what I really am / A thief, a whore and a liar