Baixar Mais Tocadas: letras de Loreen

You’ll find me in the echo of the dark / Workin’ on the riddle of your heart / Lost you in a maze, now let me out / Is it love, is it love, is it love?
Heavy breathing what’s this feeling / Never used to act this way around you / I’m afraid of digging deeper / ‘Cause if I fall I might lose it all
Karma, karma, come and dance with me / Read between the lies and set me free / Imagine the beginning of the end / And we don’t need to ever talk again
Why, why can’t this moment last forever more? / Tonight, tonight eternity’s an open door / No, don’t ever stop doing the things you do / Don’t go, in every breath i take i’m breathing you
Got my keys got my coat got my shoes on / Got my phone got my bag got my nails on / You’re here, you’re here but I’m still alone / I say goodbye to your shadows
You took a shot, it took you down / But not a single drop of blood fell / They hit your heart, they took it out / And left you bleeding in a dry spell