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So long I’ve been trying to match / It doesn’t work, I’m trying, I don’t know / The aberration of this world, I tried to deal with / It killed a part of me that was raging
Quit moaning about fate and change / Stand up on your feet and rise / With every fall you get the pain, you learn the lesson / Start now, open your eyes
Breathing slowly, mechanical heartbeat / Losing contact with the living / Almighty tv plugged, hybrid empty brain / Don’t see anything real in the game
Waters of chaos have invaded all space / The flood on earth again / I have to find the whales / That once did guide us to dry lands of life
A growing sickness in the heart / Defective, lack of control / The cure is somewhere in the silence / But I’m crushed by the noise inside
Incite a riot, put yourself in a trance / You rotate the frame in a world you rely on / A scar, a line has been drawn in the sand / Behold the life, the boundaries fools will crush
You were told to swallow, crawl and hide / Victims of fear and deception / Get a hold of yourself, rise above / A better part of you, immortal