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Six in the morning I ain’t ever gonna drink again / I dropped dead it was a funeral for a friend / Take all my bottled out the fridge you can bury / I don’t wanna end up in another scenario
She started looking for love in all the wrong places / She was hittin the bars and she was goin so hard / And it was all the same faces / Her friends were getting engaged and she was hating her age
So here we are again / In fisticuffs just like last week / You got your brass knuckles and I got a machete / Not too long ago we used to cuddle in our sleep
If you gotta go, I promise I’ll understand / And if you gotta be somewhere, I’ll let go of your hand / And if you gotta get away, I promise I won’t find you / And if you wanna leave me, that’s your choice and I won’t chase you