Baixar Mais Tocadas: letras de Australian Crawl

Several of my friends take cover / I’d be sure, beware the certain lover / She’s cool, she’s you, It’s oh such rue that she’s done to you / Steady yet baby, we’ll be ready
She’s undercover in the morningShe’s a real soul sister at nightGonna make me reel without warningGonna make me feel alrightShe’s a lion tamer’s nightmareOh! schoolboys delight!Send legal men and moneyGonna make me feel oh!(Refrão:)Cos the nigh is just a day awayI’m gonna see you everydayAny way-oShe’s deceptively promisevousOh morning, noon and nightOn a mission from a mercenaryGonna make me feel oh!(Refrão)She’s a real pygmalionHeadline we all read aboutFigure of my imaginationGonna make me feel oh!(Refrão)
Let me tell you about two young lovers that lived down the coast / She was such a pretty thing, and man what a host / Come evening time she sets the table for four / Some friends are commin’ round tonight
Everyday i see you wearing things that have never been worn before / While the children at the government schools send money for the poor / And all you buy you bargain for, with your little man / So that from your silks down to your paramour