Baixar Mais Tocadas: letras de America

When the last eagle fliesOver the last crumbling mountainAnd the last lion roarsAt the last dusty fountainIn the shadow of the forestThough she may be old and wornThey will stare unbelievingAt the Last UnicornWhen the first breath of winterThrought the flowers is icingAnd you look to the northAnd a pale moon is risingAnd it seems like all is dyingAnd would leave the world to mournIn the distance hear her laughterOf the Last UnicornI’m alive! I’m alive!When the last moon is castOver the last star of morningAnd the future is pastWithout even a last desparate warningThen look into the sky where throughThe clouds a path is formedLook and see her how she sparklesIt’s the Last UnicornI’m alive! I’m alive!!!!
Fascination with the light in your hair / A celebration, nothing else can compare / An invitation to share my life with you / Stepping forward, reaching out for your hand
The child breaks each moment of sadness for our sakes / Leaving, trying his best to believe then / Hoping this dream will come true / Sadness is only a face for you
Window frames a picture of winter time within my room / Sometimes then I laugh at the funny times we had in school / Blowing leaves, broken dreams / Seventeen, dancing queen, dancing queen
You must be lost in a far away land / I searched forever your footprints in the sand / I feel you need me, I have to answer / That desperate call that I do not understand
Why do you laugh at me when you know I really care / You sometimes act as though I’m not even there / And yet if you did to me the things I do to you / I would surely say we’re through
I never believed in things that I couldn’t see / I said: If I can’t feel it then how can it be / No, no magic could happen to me / And then I saw you
Sometimes there are teardrops across your face / Sometimes there are rainbows in the same place / And I don’t know which way to turn / Sometimes lovers don’t act like they should
Flyin’ me back to Memphis / Gotta find my Daisy Jane / Well, the summer’s gone / And I hope she’s feelin’ the same