Baixar Mais Tocadas: letras de AFI

Warn your warmth to turn away / Here it’s December, everyday / Press your lips to the sculptures / And surely you’ll stay (love like winter)
If you had a day / Would you give me a moment? / Would you allow our play / To leave no bone unbroken?
I, I came here by day, but I left here in darkness / and found you, found you on the way. / Now, it is silver and silent. / It is silver and cold.
I wanted to take you / From those robes to feel the cold / Undressing the blessings / Feels like my afterlife, my afterlife
What was it I was thinking, or was I even thinking at all? / When I think of what I thought back then, then I’m ashamed, / and I’m appalled that I gave up all I was so easily. / Living your life is not for me.
This is what I brought you this you can keep, / this is what I brought you may forget me. / I promised to depart just promise one thing, / kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep.