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Went to buy me a paper at the local news-stand / And then I heard them laugh and say / Look, they’re gonna go flying way up to the moon now / Hey, what’s it good for anyway?
Well there was me and Bobby and Bobby’s brother / Please take me back to that place / Where I’ve got all my memories, those were my happiest days / I remember all the games we used to play
Rock me, give me that kick now / Rock me, show me that trick now / Roll me, you can do magic / Baby, and I can’t get enough of it
Until that day / My life had been a river / Following the same, pre-destinated course / Suddenly detouring so unexpectedly
I have a dream, a song to sing / To help me cope with anything / If you see the wonder of a fairy tale / You can take the future, even if you fail
Well I was looking at a movie on the TV last night / Then I had a very funny notion, yeah / I really had to write a song about it / And then I’m gonna sing it with my rock’n roll band
You can dance, you can jive / Having the time of your life / Ooh, see that girl, watch that scene / Digging the dancing queen