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In another time, in another place, / In a world of shadows … free of virtue. / Alone in cold dark walls … the sickly / Sweet smell of sickness ripes in the air.
Fire – once gave you life / now shines the light – to let you find your way / don’t let it die – it brightens the dark / and burns your pain
Fides Tua Te Salvam Fecit / Per Fidem Operationis Dei / O Sola Scriptura, O Sola Gratia / O Sola Fide
Estote Prudentes Sicut Serpentes / O Libri Magistri. Libri Amici / Docta Ignorantia: Nulla Regula / Nutrimentum Spiritus. Curas Hominum
Feeling cold and lonely, within my fear / Will there ever be a time without a tear / All i had is gone and all i need seems so far away / Help me, help me out of here