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(chorus)x2life is a bunch of bullshitlife is a big piece of shitlife is nuthin but shitlife aint worth a shit(verse 1)hello kids today ima teach you bout lifebefore you go off and fucking kill your wifeits not worth your motherfucking timeits just all a bunch of motherfucking liesthere is no godthere is no buddhathere is no allahand there is no duddhareligion is just a waste of timewhy dont you just make your shrines(chorus)(verse 2)i may not be a perfect christianbut ive read the bible so much and you still wont listenits all bullshithows a man gonna walk on waterand never get a bitchif i was jesus christi would fuck all day and fuck all nightso why waste your timeat a stupid ass church when you can always fuckingmake your own shrines(bridge)MOTHERFUCKING RELIGIONITS BULLSHITJUST BULLSHITI WILL WORSHIP SATAN CUZ HE REALLY EXISTSOH YES HE DOES HE REALLY EXISTS(chorus)x4(verse 3)god where are youif your out there then whys my life so bluegod what do you dodo you just sit around and laugh at my mistakeswhy dont you come downand safe your fucking peoplesufferin everydaywhy do i waste my timetalking to you oh talking to you(outro)hey kids, dont go to churchworship satanfor he is the true godhe rebelled against godand now we should bow down to himworship himjust worship him(chorus)
Killer dude: jesus christ man what the fuck are you doing? God damn it i said what the fuck are you doing?antichrist: Motherfucking hoes sucking my god damn dick(chorus)is there a god out there?i dont really careall i wanna dois motherfuck youi got bitches in my housei got gold in my mouthwhat else do i needto stop this damn bleed(Killer Dude)you know what?i dont give a flyin fuckwhat these norms have to sayima do things my waybut not like fred durstyes i do cursemy life is the worstno peace, no shit, no girlsmy motherfuckin worldhas been twirled and swirledthe fuck im s’posed to doi really wanna fuck youbut you wont fuckin let meeven though i drive a bentley(chorus)(antichrist)i hate children i hate my momalthough she looks sexyin a thongmy life is longborn in hong konglivin like a godlookin like a dogsmokin like a naldjumpin like a frogeatin like a pigdrinkin like a shit(muhammed)jesus was born on the 25thi was born on the shitty shit shitfuck all religionits all a shita motherfuckin whoresuckin motherfuckin dickwe cuss like shitsmoke like shitand drink like shitchoke like shitmy daddy is a niggerand i am a wiggerbut who gives a fucknot this bitchshe wont give me a hug(who’s who)motherfuckereat my cumya dick suckeri amcrazylike adazyDONT FUCK WITH MEi’ll tie you to a treeyou wont be able to breathi’ll choke you by your sleeveHAHA HAHA(chorus)CUZ WE ARE 6-6-6BOW DOWN BEFORE USJESUS CHRIST CANT FUCK WITH USkiller dude: oh my god man what are you doingdamn what the fuck are you doingantichrist: your motherfuckin mother sucking my god damn dickkiller dude: YOU PIECE OF SHITOH MY GOD MOM YOU BITCH WHOREslut lady: GOD DAMN IT JASON I CAN SUCK WHO I WANTkiller dude: GO BACK TO HOOTERS YOU FUCKING HOpublic announcer: this has been 666 reminding you to worshipsatandont fuck with slut lady, she’s a fucking whore
[part One] / Ah, Vamos Todos – La Cuenta Atrás Empieza / Vale, Maistro… Musica – No Duerme – No Termina, Chico. / Arriba Con La Music – Y No, No Baja!
(killer dude)you know what?im fucking sick and fucking tired of these girlsthey are just bitchesgood for shitcleanin’dick suckin’cookin’smokin’i hate girls(chorus)these hoes, these whoresthese bitchesthey adorewhat i dowhat i fucking domy money, my poweralways they afterit, it, shit(the antichrist)i had a girlfriend onceshe was such a cuntgood for nuttin but shitsuch a bitchi hate girlsyou ask whythey are so fucking annoying and they always wanna pryinto your lifei dont give a SHITwhat these hoes THINKima fucking saywhatever the fuck i think(mohammed)EVERYBODYEVERY EVERY BODYEVERY ONEEVERY EVERY ONESAY IT LIKE YOU MEAN ITSAY IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT(killer dude)hahahahahaalready
Arriba con los brazos – vamos – amokk / Todo del mundo – en este segundo / La marcha empierza – wahh – la bomba estalla / Todo del mundo – en este segundo
Mueve… / Mueve to culo – mueve – toda la gente – mueve / Claro que si – que mueve – es un mandado – mueve / Escuchad a la frequencia del 666
[spoken Intro] / La Tierra Está Destruida – No Hay Más Esperanza. / La Tierra Está Destruida Y No Hay Más Esperanza – No Hay ! / [spoken Male]