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And so I find myself here once again – first step down Remedy Lane / Budapest you tore my world apart – well, here I am / Worn with rope ends on my mind, torn with blood scarred in my eyes / But now I’m back to shake that from my life
We are eleven and she is the love of my life / But one week from now she will turn her back on me / Four years from now she will give me hope, then sleep with my best friend / Five years from now it is the two of us but by then there is nothing
1: INTRODUCING STAR / We saw you every day with your hands on your crotch and so much to say / You went from bouncing toy cars with golden motors to neon striped BMWs and a court of drugged up nodders and quoters / Namefucking fame on all photos, all cheered on and applauded by even richer promoters